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Telehealth Services

At Alpha Life Mental Wellness center, we know that sometimes life gets in the way of leaving the comfort of your homes for in-person appointments and engagements.
If you are concerned about the stigma of seeing a psychiatrist, no worries, the telehealth platform brings our clinician into you, into the convenience of your home at your own time.
At Alpha Life, our practice believe that mental health services should be easy, accessible, and comfortable. We believe that all people should receive timely and effective treatment for the mental health without limitations.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is interchangeably called Telepsychiatry or Telemedicine. It is a form of healthcare whereby a psychiatrist, board certified nurse practitioner, psychologist or a therapist engages a patient wherever you are. This interaction occurs through a video conference. For your Telehealth appointment with Alpha Life, you will simply need to have your computer, tablet or smart phone with an in-built camera and a high-speed internet. Even though Telehealth appointment can occur in your office or home, it is important to have absolute privacy during the session for optimal outcome. With our encrypted teleconferencing software, you can rest assured knowing that both the video and audio data are very secured. This ensures that your interaction with your Alpha Life mental health provide HIPPA compliant. Alpha Life will send you a link via text message or email to make the secured connection for your Telehealth appointment. All necessary prescriptions are electronically sent to your pharmacy of choice.

Advantages of Telehealth

Telepsychiatry saves time by eliminating the commute to your mental health provider’s office. For patients who live in remote locations or who are very busy, the time saved is enormous.
Telepsychiatry offers tremendous flexibility in seeing your mental health provider in that you can have the appointment in any place that suites you – from your vacation, office, backyard or bedroom, it is ok.
Telepsychiatry eliminates the transportation cost of making it to the regularly scheduled appointments and also reduces driving in treacherous condition like snow, heavy rain, fog or low visibility.
Telepsychiatry offers convenient appointments especially to patients who are already home bound with medical conditions and leaving the house is logistically difficult or physically painful.
Telepsychiatry greatly increases appointment attendance chances by saving you time, reducing stress, increasing flexibility and this has been shown to decrease hospitalization by up to thirty-eight percent.