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At Alpha Life Wellness Center, Telepsychiatry is our main platform of treatment. Both the patients and providers connect in a videoconferencing format, much like “face time” which can be on your phone, the iPad, or the computer. It is simple and there is usually no password required to log in. Tele psych visits are secured and are as effective as the face-to-face visit and is covered by most insurance companies. Telepsychiatry has so many benefits, it is convenient, cost effective, and we come to you in your own home through your chosen electronic device.

Psychiatric Evaluations

Our clinicians use a diagnostic tool stipulated by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V to complete a psychiatric evaluation. This approach may involve obtaining a detailed history from the patient or relative by asking specific questions in oral or written format, a careful review of the patient’s medical history/laboratory findings to rule out or confirm physical conditions that may be contributory to current conditions or in the nearest future, a review of past psychiatric history if any or confirm an existing diagnosis. Diagnoses made can include bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, or attention deficit disorder. The clinician often takes that patient’s interest, treatment preference, etc. while making decisions about initial treatment plan, may also need to involve family members or immediate care givers input.

Medication Management

Our providers consider several non-pharmacological approaches along with pharmacological intervention after a careful detailed clinical assessment and evaluation, these may include psychological, psychosocial intervention, etc. Evidence has shown though, that combining pharmacological treatment along with psychosocial intervention tend to yield a better outcome. These are important factors to ascertain or update at follow up visits.
Treatment with psychotropic medications is not like most other medications such as antibiotics that are used for a specific number of days and then discontinued. Because some patients may have to try a few of psychotropic medications before determining one that works better for them or is better tolerable, it is imperative that they see their clinicians on pre-planned bases to assess tolerance, adverse effects, and effectiveness of their medications.
In some cases, the titration of most pharmacological treatments for psychiatric disorders are done gradually, especially in the elderly population or patients with other comorbid medical illnesses. It is during medication management that minimum effective doses of prescribed psychotropics are determined based on the assessment of the target symptoms, the patient’s tolerance, and overall response.

Special Authorization Services:

We offer evaluations for Short Term Disability and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). However, we require that a patient have been with our practice for over six months or six visits prior to present a request for either evaluation. We also do offer evaluations for Emotional Support Animals. There is no waiting for Emotional Support Animal evaluation.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Assessment and Referral

Alpha Life Wellness Center offers assessment for substance abuse and referral to an appropriate treatment program to a facility of the patient’s choice or one that is cost effective for the patient.

Services Not Offered

We are sorry that at this time, we are not currently offering the following services.

• Forensic Evaluations

• Court Appearances

• Custody Issues

• Pain Medication/Suboxone

• Methadone treatment