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ALPHA LIFE Advantage


Beneath our myriad of differences in race, religion, sex, ethnicity, nationality, age, and experience, we are all essentially One in the very core of our true Being. Oneness with a presence of that which is undeniably fundamental in who we all are. An indescribable consciousness so constant, it stays with us from birth to death. So profound, it unites and binds us all together as humanity and transcending all our fears, doubts, worries, and difficulties. It is all that we have ever been, all that we are now, and all that we can ever become. A brilliant glimmer of light that ever shines brighter and brighter as we stay conscious of it. An extraordinary force unseen, unfelt, yet it is the basis of our courage to overcome our difficulties and all things are subservient to it. A powerful source and sustenance of life itself called ALPHA!

In every one of our patients, we not only see, feel, and acknowledge the ALPHA in them, we also have a deep respect and reverence for the ALPHA in them. This is because we have a firm belief that no matter what the circumstances may be, there is hope that recovery and stability are achievable. Although the past is unchangeable, and the present seems like a struggle, the future can be better. This reverence gives us the courage to believe in the best outcome for our patients and hence we treat each one with joyful compassion and positive expectation knowing what can be possible for them. So, when life takes a difficult or unexpected turn, having come to us, you are only one step away from discovering the ALPHA in you.